Giovani Rubalcava, CEO-  Gio Rubalcava is the founder and CEO of Easy Fit. He's always had a passion for food beginning from when he was 13 years old, weighing over 250 lbs and being picked on for his size, he began to take the steps towards making a lifestyle change. As an adult, he began his career in fitness and uncovered his passion to help others discover a positive lifestyle.Working as a Certified Personal Trainer for over 5 years, he discovered that there was a huge disconnect from when his clients left his training sessions. They could work out as hard as they liked but nutrition was key and after explaining this to his clients, he realized how difficult it can be to follow a specific diet and prepare those meals on a daily or weekly basis. That's how Gio began preparing meals for his clients and eventually founded Easy Fit in 2013. From there, the company has grown and so has Gio. He has continued expanding his knowledge and understanding around nutrition and the human body. All of this experience has helped him create the recipes and nutrition that go into our meals today. In his free time, he loves music, fitness and spreading positivity to anyone who comes in contact with him. Gio decided to bring his longtime friends Williams and Max aboard to help Easy Fit make a difference in peoples lives.


Williams Juarez, COO & CFO - Williams is the COO and CFO of Easyfit. A financial whiz, Williams began his career in investment banking, working at some of Wall Street’s premier banks including Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and Cantor Fitzgerald. Following banking he transitioned into Silicon Valley and began working for a fintech company called AltX, where he was an early member of the team. He helped the company raise over $40 million in funding in and established the operations within the firm. Williams has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and helping people which is why he decided to team up with his high school friend to pursue his dreams of running a company and making people live healthier lives.
Williams originally grew up in Los Angeles, CA, where he met Giovani and Max. He attended Boston College and earned an Economics degree from the school of Arts & Sciences.

Maxwell Zamora, Head of Sales - Max Zamora is a California native growing up in West Covina, CA. He likes to golf on the weekends with anything from Snoop Dogg to The Eagles playing in his back swing. With a background in finance, he serves as the Senior VP and Head of Sales for Easy Fit. Making relationship building his number one priortiy, he worked as a commercial banking specialist in the Greater Los Angeles Area for as long as any 90's baby can up to this point in their life, 6 years.
Passionate about food, excersise, business and making every day tasks easier and more efficient, Easy Fit was a perfect transition. Thankful for the amazing opportunities life has presented him, Max continues to search for the next opportunity. Together with his partners Williams and Gio, Easy Fit works to provide the best user experience possible.