We provide catering for offices, parties, events, you name it! We can accommodate any kind of meal simply tell us what you desire and we will make it! Below is a sample menu, prices can be adjusted depending on the number of people at the event. Any questions, please give us a call at 626-638-3047.


 Chicken plates

1)BBQ  plate ($13)

-Slow cooked shredded BBQ chicken with a side of Cajun sweet potato fries. Alongside spinach sautéed in fresh garlic & mushroom. 

2)Garlic & Pesto plate ($13)

-Baked garlic & pesto chicken breast served with a rosemary mashed red potato. Served alongside baked Brussels sprouts. 

Ground Turkey plates 

1)Vodka Pasta ($13)

-Our own vodka infused tomato sauce made with organic tomato, mushroom, garlic & peppers cooked down with ground turkey. Served on top of our whole wheat, gluten free pasta. Served alongside roasted garlic & Parmesan broccoli.

2)Ground turkey Tacos($13)

-Seasoned ground turkey mixed with mushroom, garlic & peppers. Topped with avocado & our own chipotle aoli sauce. 

Shrimps plates 

1)Cajun shrimp plate($15)

-Cajun & lime infused shrimp served along side seasoned quinoa. With a side of seasoned baked zucchini. 

2)Shrimp pesto pasta($15)

-Baked pesto shrimp served on a bed of angel hair whole wheat pasta. Side of seasoned baked asparagus. 

Salmon plates 

1)Sriracha & teriyaki salmon ($15)

-Fresh Salmon marinated in our own Sriracha, ginger & teriyaki marinade. Baked to perfection with a side of seasoned jasmine rice. Along side garlic & soy sauce infused green beans.        


2)Mesquite salmon ($15)

-Mesquite seasoned baked salmon, along side baked seasoned red potato. Served with baked balsamic infused Brussel sprouts. 

 Turkey meatball plates 

1)Curry meatball skewers($14)

-Curry infused turkey meatball skewers with fresh peppers. Alongside seasoned brown basmati rice along side baked zucchini.

2)Classic meatballs & pasta($12)

-Turkey meatballs slow cooked in our organic red tomato sauce served on a bed of whole wheat pasta. Served along side roasted garlic asparagus.